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What is RISEUP?

RISEUP is a strategy developed by the NSW Police Commissioner, connecting young people to workplace opportunities.

What is RISEUP?RISEUP incorporates job ready programs, mentoring and vocational training for young people aged between 15 and 18 to build their engagement with education, employment opportunities and the community. The initiative aims to partner with employers across NSW to create meaningful workplace opportunities for young people who’ve embraced positive change in their lives.

The foundations of the initiative focus on early intervention to prevent youth disengagement and the related problems that this causes. It is a collaborative approach with Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) NSW and industry leaders to achieve positive outcomes for young people and help  them into education and employment.

The final stage in RISEUP is the opportunity for participants to be connected to employment or further opportunities to enhance employment capability. This is the stage which will give purpose to the entire journey the young person has progressed through, as it provides them with a strong sense of achievement, pride, ownership and the ability to contribute to a team and their community.  Most importantly it breaks the less fortunate cycle they may have otherwise been on.

How does RISEUP work?

Fit Programs are offered statewide in a strong partnership between the NSW Police Youth & Crime Prevention Command and PCYC NSW. From the entry level Fit for Life early morning fitness and wellbeing program, through to the flagship Fit for Work, the programs apply a range of evidence-based approaches and developmental crime prevention methods to divert and redirect youth into safe and positive pathways.

Police Youth Case Managers and PCYC NSW staff including Trainers, Youth Workers and external specialist services help youth reconnect with learning or develop the skills required to secure a job, traineeship or apprenticeship. The programs are delivered within a range of settings and this alternative learning environment builds participants’ commitment, resilience and motivation to reconnect with learning or become job-ready. Youth can transition from a Fit for Life, to a Fit for Change and into a Fit to Work program where they will be ready to develop essential employment skills and attributes through undertaking accredited courses, work experience and exposure to industries and businesses.

RISEUP Fit For Programs